Let the models speak! May 15, 2020

Let the models speak! May 15, 2020

Hopes, fears, and guessing…Time to the let models speak.

Our dynamic asset allocation models inform our investment decisions. The models assign a score to each asset class ranging from -2 to 2.


•We maintain an overall defensive positioning in risk assets. Our top-down climate indicator remains expressly negative.

• In our Hedge Portfolio, we overweight short-dated EZ Gvt. Bonds and hold IG Bonds as an underweight.

• We have reduced our exposure to short-dated USD Gvt. Bonds

• In our Risk Portfolio, we stay underweight in European, EM and JPY equities while holding High Risk Credits and US Equities in neutral positions.

• Our Cross-Asset Portfolio Model is implemented in our CAP-M fund. For an in-depth outline of the fund and its methodology: https://c-a-p.dk/our-fund/